A Change Beyond Cancer

When I first became a mother, I couldn’t fathom the quantity of friends I lost. People who didn’t want to be bothered with my nee lifestyle or those unwilling to wait as I figured out life in that new role. Five years later I cannot say that I regained anyone that I lost, nor do I have hard feelings over it.

Being diagnosed wth cancer was almost the same feeling, that having such a hard hitting illness would warrant friendships to be tested. Seems silly right? Who on Earth abandons their friend (or family) in such a time of need? This would be thought of as a time when the community comes out to provide aid to you and your family. (Just a side note: I quite often insisted against people going above and beyond but rather to care and support my family. Purely social observation of obligation).

Well.. I hate to say it, but plenty. Yet in a stroke of luck, many others reached out and offered support unexpectedly. Maybe that’s why I chose to detail my experiences in a blog to avoid the half hearted support of two faced people I expected more from. The truth is, there is nothing pretty about cancer, and there is plenty of unexpected ugly beyond the disease. I almost want to proclaim to others that its not contagious, as if that would calm their fears. 

More than anything, we rely on social media to maintain friendships and provide comfort to others. Yet human touch and contact have proven to be a powerful form of healing, its something we long for.  I can assure you I am not the only person in this situation, sitting in isolation, feeling condemned by this monster.  

Whether its this or something else, take the time to tell others hello, how are you, or simply be there as a form of human contact. For all those this last week who made their presence known, whether physically or spiritually, know that you played a role in my healing process. Your simple note made a difference I my life.

Even the simplest of acts can warm a person’s heart.  


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