And the Verdict Is?

Like everyone else I have been anxiously awaiting the appointment to follow up with my ENT (he did the surgery) to hear what the final report was. Over the last week I tried my best to focus on my recovery and not the pathology. But that feeling never goes away. That worry and concern about whats to come lingers in the air like thick fog. Not just by me but all those who are near and dear.

Unfortunately as much as I’ve been living life, cancer makes you put things on hold due to its uncertainty.  Even once you’re given the green light, there’s an indefinite waiting period of what ifs

Well today was the wondrous day I got the stitches removed, tape replaced with more tape (yahoo…cue sarcastic side eye look) and then me gracefully fainting in the doctor’s chair. I didn’t used to be such a wuss but the sensation of the stitches being pulled from your neck followed by “hey lets look at this in the mirror” was enough to get my heart racing, sweat developing and that eerie feeling in my stomach that the world would eat me whole. Soon enough I was laying back in the doctor’s chair feeling ready to vomit. Great. Quite embarrassing to say the least.

Minus the reaction to the tape, the incision looks relatively…well…like a normal incision. How else should I describe it? Haha.

So the report. The make or break my future report… I am not sure how I’d describe hearing the results.  Stage one papillary thyroid carcinoma, with no envasion to the surrounding structures, it was contained, which means with some certainty it was only present in the thyroid.

Which starts phase 2 of our treatment plan. Within the next week I’ll be seeing the endocrinologist to start radiation therapy followed by monitoring aka multiple follow ups, labs and so on. I was already on meds but due to thyroiditis present and identified as a additional finding, my levels may definitely need to be adjusted.

The down side of all this? I can’t do yoga yet! I also can’t lift weights either, what kind of woman does this doctor take me for??

Peace and love xxoo 🕉


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