Silent Whisper 

Its been about 2 weeks since I’ve posted, not because I have been busy, which I undoubtedly have been, given that I’ve already returned to work….okay rewind, I never really ledt work but still…And not because of disinterest, as I enjoy writing and helping others. Writing has always been a passion of mine, especially poetry.

No. Its due in part, to the struggle with post surgery changes; my physical and consequently, mental struggle in coping with cancer. The silent whisper of my inner voice feeling disjointed by all the metaphysical displacement. Much of which, I am well aware of, is due to the chemical changes that occurs when one removes an important organ from their body.

I knew what the thyroid did, but its level of function in my body’s current state was unknown, until now. It was obviously maintaining my sanity and preventing my own version of Tyler Durden from appearing.  (Not that an appearance from the real Tyler would be bad, just saying the obvious). This state of unrest is quite frustrating for someone who had found a bit of peace in her yogi, gypsy world of life and love.

This almost feels fake. That each morning after my, maybe, 3 hours worth of sleep, if that, I’ll wake up feeling normal. I can go back to feeling like me….


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