One Month Post Surgery 

As grateful as I am for all the hard work my doctors have put in, the hardest part is upon me. I saw my specialist last week and in order to prep for radiation I have to get off all my current meds.

So not only do you get to deal with all the unpleasant parts of cancer, now you get to do it along side all your other unpleasant symptoms/conditions…how nice…

Other than that little unexpected hiccup, recovery has been good, in terms of my incision etc. Most of the swelling has receded. However there is still quite a bit of pressure that makes it hard to eat/swallow. Hence my disdand for social activities as I feel retarded, for lack of a better word, due to the movement I make in order to swallow in comfort.

I return in about a month to check my levels again. In normal fashion, my levels were unreadable due to a highly rare condition that presented during my last test. Hopefully this will subside and we can obtain more accurate information, fingers crossed!


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