Cancer Induced Hypothyroidism, What That Means For Me.

I feel like I’m in a science fiction movie where they induce different physical ailments to see how the human body reacts.  Then everybody kinda stares at you im an unfamiliar way as they try to figure you out. I can promise that Hashimotos is not one of my fonder illnesses…if I had to choose one. So here’s whats been happening during my hypothyroidism stage that completely suck ass…

Hair Loss

Sadly, your thyroid controls ALOT in connection with your hair (and color as we last found out). Lack of thyroid hormones causes your hair to become dry, brittle and fall out. The falling out part has already begun, I’m losing about a handful daily. The more notable areas are usually on the side of the head. It also drastically reduced my hairs ability to uptake color. This is apparently pretty common as I read, which lead to the color I currently have.


Naturally as the metabolism begins to slow down due to lack of thyroid hormones then the body begins to wear more easily. I’m pretty sure no amount of sleep can solve this kind of fatigue.  And in fact sleep often feels impossible, I often can’t fall asleep or stay asleep.  I’ve read this is due to adrenal insufficiency.


A slow metabolism means slowed digestion, which as an athlete thats no bueno because food fuels workouts, however if you don’t feel like eating, working out becomes extremely difficult. And ironically, you tend to gain weight as well. Last time, I dropped a drastic amount due to lack of interest in eating…too soon to tell what will happen. However the desire to eat has become non-existent. Which also leads to low energy and crappy digestion…a vicious cycle..

Mental health

Yeah, so when you feel like shit 24/7 you are bound to have some mental struggles, like depression and anxiety. Cancer alone brings these issues on, the worry, the isolation, the physical battle, now add on induced hypothyroidism and you’re asking for a mental battle. Some of which is purely unavoidable due to changes in the physical levels within the body.

You may be asking if there is anything good that would come of this, at this moment, no. In the long run, one can only hope…luckily Summer time allows for some flexibility. It’s hard to be boss, mom to a young boy, daughter, friend and wife. Dinners still have to be made, laundry done, dishes washed (my most neglected duty right now, sorry Eddie), work mamaged. Yet, I still manage to wake up every day, so I have yet a reason to complain…until then…


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